Reach Out SA (ROSA)

“Transforming communities one school at a time”

ROSA is a FABSA outreach initiative that focuses on the development of school-based family and community programmes that support teachers, learners and parents. ROSA uses the skills and experience of retirees who are keen to plough back and be of service to their communities. Also, FABSA serves as a catalyst for galvanising communities to be part of the societal change they desire, through homegrown solutions that get community members involved.

Pilot Project - Athlone Girls High

Athlone Girls High is a girl’s school of plus-minus 900 learners from low income families. As a fee-paying school, it is partially subsidized by the government with the shortfall being covered by learner fees. According to regulation, underprivileged learners can be exempted from paying school fees – more than half of the learner’s at Athlone Girls High are non-fee paying. With severely limited income earning opportunity, extramural and or complementary activities such as feeding schemes, extra classes and sports are beyond the school’s means.

Pillars of the Athlone Project are:

    Providing educational opportunities

    Providing educational opportunities

    Providing library resources

    Organising bursaries

    Providing career guidance

    Offering reading and homework assistance

    Ensuring self development

    Psychosocial support

    Physical Activities - feeding scheme, sporting activities, the arts

    Mentorship programmes

    Parental programmes

    Developing economic independence/entrepreneurship

    Agricultural project

    Training in entrepreneurship

    Income generating projects

    Building leadership and civic engagement