Quest4Service (Q4S)

Quest4Service (Q4S) is a FABSA initiative which aims to match retirees aged 50 and beyond with organisations that need their expertise. Q4S sources talent, retrains retirees for new assignments and keeps a database of retired skilled people or those willing to serve their communities in whatever capacity. We also keep a database of those organisations and institutions that need skills.

Schools, nonprofits, government and the private sector can tap into a lifetime of skills and experience for capacity building at affordable rates. Questers can do great things for their communities while they put their professional skills and experience to work on part-time or long-term service projects, in exchange for a modest hourly fee or on a volunteer basis.

Q4S partners with schools, nonprofit organisations, public institutions and government agencies of all sizes, budgets and missions. Questers come from all walks of life including teaching, social work, nursing, the arts, administrative assistants, HR professionals, tailoring, fashion and retail, financial services, as well as people who have worked at all levels in healthcare, banking, advertising, education and government.

Questers will provide direct services, administrative support, and capacity-building expertise in schools, social service agencies, cultural institutions, and public agencies.

Q4S also provides training for Questers who want to launch new careers in the nonprofit sector, for example mentoring and entrepreneurship, early learning etc. Q4S is supported by private and public grants and individual donations. The employers, who also pay a small administrative fee to Q4S, pay the Questers stipend.