FABSA , is a registered NPO founded on the belief that dynamic leadership is born when youthful courage meets, the wisdom of old age. It is only when we open our eyes and ears to one another that we see and hear each other’s perspectives. In a society such as ours, where older persons are marginalized, FABSA envisions a future where every woman fifty and above will take her rightful place as a facilitator, a mentor and a continual learner .FABSA believes in co-leadership between youth and adults, with the former leading from the front and the latter shepherding from the back. It is this duality of leadership that FABSA subscribes to.

Untarnished by the rigors of life youth bring special qualities which include, courage, foolhardiness and innovation – On the other hand, adults are cautious, deliberate, calculating and wise, shaped by experience and the life’s lessons.

FABSA believes it is the reciprocity of ideas; mentoring and reverse mentoring that will lead us on a path to a common strategy and a realization that we indeed are in this together


We are driven by Commitment and compassion. We have a deep desire to build successful communities with integrity , respect, professionalism and accountability .


Transforming Communities One School At a Time

A learner comes from a home; a home comes from a community, communities form societies. Social problems that exist in a home/community often play themselves out at school. It is often the case that children who are troubled at home, who face problems such as neglect from parents who work 24/7, hunger, violence and abuse display a troubled character at school as well. Whether it is an abusive home, absent parents, drug use in the community, or problems related to extreme hunger and poverty, learners cannot turn into angels as soon as they enter the school gates. It is for this reason that FABSA wants to build bridges between schools and families/communities. Schools should not be stand-alone entities, hoping to correct pre-existing community and social ills; instead they should become communal centers around which whole communities are mobilized for solution seeking strategies.

Athlone is a Model C all-girl secondary level educational institution serving the communities of Observatory and Bez Valley in eastern Johannesburg. There are about 1000 learners, mostly Black, from poor backgrounds, with a large immigrant population. The staff works against all odds to maintain the school’s proud tradition of excellence with dwindling financial resources as a number of parents become increasingly unable to pay school fees.

Reach-out-SA (ROSA) is a FABSA outreach programme which involves the development of school-based family and community projects that support teachers and learners, focusing mainly on psychosocial issues. Through this programme FABSA utilises the skills and experience of retirees, keen to plough back and be of service to their communities.

a catalyst for galvanizing communities to be part of the societal change

they desire, through homegrown solutions that get community members involved.

A number of Athlone girls face poverty and hunger at home. Effective learning cannot take place on a hungry stomach and in most cases these learners depend on the school meal for their sustenance. In line with United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 2, which is zero hunger in the world by 2030, FABSA is proposing to focus on poverty and hunger alleviation in the pilot of its ROSA programme at the school during the 2017 academic year

In 2017 FABSA signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the school’s Governing Body to work closer with the teachers, learners and parents and gain better insight into the workings of the school. Two of the FABSA board members, set as volunteer governors on the school’s governing body.